My name is Stephanie and I am currently harboring one-year-old boy/girl twins in my humble abode here in North Central Texas.  Both my husband and I grew up ’round these parts and met during our senior year at TCU.  We married when I finished grad school and waited four years until we began trying for our own little bundle of joy. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that we were going to face some pretty tough fertility challenges in our quest for a baby.  We met many other couples that were struggling with similar issues when we began fertility treatments, and had resigned ourselves to the fact that it might be months or even years until we had any success.  So we were absolutely ecstatic when we discovered that we had conceived on our first attempt, and even more excited (and quite overwhelmed) when we received the news that we had TWO little buns in the oven a few weeks later! Unfortunately, my pregnancy was very difficult, and after going into premature labor twice, the twins were born at 32 weeks gestation on January 3rd, 2011.  After a month in the NICU and a few bumps in the road our babies came home with us, and we haven’t slowed down since!

Currently I am staying at home with the little ones and trying to soak up every minute of it, even the ones that are stinky, frustrating, and/or downright disgusting.  In my pre-Pampers life I worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  I enjoyed working in the public school system developing strategies to help students with ASD excel in mainstream classrooms.  Now, when I am not attending to my motherly duties, you can find me engaging in one of my newest hobbies such as baby proofing our home with bungees and duct tape or scraping petrified macaroni off the ceiling with a screwdriver.  I also enjoy reading, writing, cooking, crafting, DIY projects, and gardening. Not that I have much time for those these days! I began blogging in 2010 while on hospital bed rest awaiting the twins’ arrival.  My first blog was simply intended to be a quick way to disseminate information about our situation to a large number of people. However, I quickly discovered that I really enjoyed posting on the blog and my friends and family loved receiving pictures and updates on the babies.  I started Twodaloo.com when I realized that I wanted a place to not only share updates on the twins, but also post about my own hobbies/interests and flex my writing muscles.  Thank you for visiting my little corner of cyberspace, hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!

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