When It Just Isn’t Pink Enough…

Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta have pink.  After I put up July’s Deal of the Month, a friend messaged me that although she thought the dress was cute, her little girl would never go for it because, well, “It not pink!”

Lucky for her, I had some pink gingham stashed away for just such an occasion.

Behold! A late addition to the “Two-tti Fruity” collection: The “Tickled Pink” Reversible Jumper

*Bow by Samantha Conner Designs

One side is pink broadcloth with a gingham monogram applique and gathered patch pockets.

Perfect for peeking into the neighbors’ yard.

Or stopping to smell the flowers in Mommy’s garden.

And when you get tired of that side…

…turn it over and enjoy a sweet strawberry!

I love the shape of this dress on little girls.

And the piping and buttons are pretty cute, too.

Although my photo processing made the strawberry look a little wrinkly,  you can see that the applique is satin-stitched around the outside and the “seeds” are actually decorative star stitches.  I love the heirloom feel that decorative stitching gives a garment.

I have just enough material to make one more of these cute dresses…leave me a comment here or on facebook if you are interested!

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “When It Just Isn’t Pink Enough…

  1. So talented Ms. Stephanie;) Very cute. Sometimes I wish mine was still that little. We need to come up with a new outfit for Aubrey…

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