18 Months!

I cannot, repeat, CANNOT believe my little stinkers are 18 months old!  We had their 18-month well-check last week, and were pleased to learn that little man continues to measure in the 97th percentile for height and weight for his adjusted age (16 months), while Toots isn’t far behind in the 93rd. Not bad for my teeny preemies! In honor of this milestone, I decided to do a fun summer photo shoot.  Although I’m no pro, I think I got a few good pictures, although it did take me exactly 493 shots to do so!

For our first set of pictures, the babies and I piled into our minivan and trekked on down to the Grapevine Botanical Gardens.  If you live in the DFW area,  it’s a great place to visit, and is a photographer’s dream!  The twins had a blast exploring the gardens, which are full of winding trails, wooden bridges, playful streams, and even a koi pond.  All I had to do was keep up and not drop the camera!


…and oh-so-ornery!

Wait up, Sis!

Little sweetie!

Such a beautiful place.

My little poser!

Little monkeys

Ok. You run left, I’ll take right. She’ll never catch us both!


Very serious

Toots had so much fun frolicking in all the open spaces.

Happy girl

This one gives me chills 🙂

After a trip to Target and a nap, we were ready for round two. This time, we turned our outfits inside-out and headed right into our front yard.

Your flowers look a little parched, Mom!

Aww, come on, brother! It’s not that bad!

Oooh, a soft blanket.

How ’bout a little catnap?

Want a lick, sis?

No? Suit yourself! More for me!

Overall, we had a pretty great day.  It was a good reminder for me that fun photo shoots don’t always need elaborate props…cute outfits, a beautiful location, and a few popsicles thrown in for good measure were all we needed to snap some great pictures of the twins in action.

One more thing…did you like the outfits the twins were wearing? Wondering how to get one for your own little gal or fella?  Check out my  “Deal of the Month” page- I might just be able to help you out!

Until next time,


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