NYC: Avenue of the Americas Street Fair

On my second full day in NYC I decided to do some exploring.  I was walking in the direction of Bryant Park and thinking about how fun it would be to go to a flea market in the city when I turned the corner onto 6th Avenue and was confronted by a street fair that spanned 12 blocks, from 34th to 42nd!  Vendors lined the streets selling food, jewelry, clothing, music, and just about everything else you can imagine.  Although I was pretty busy examining all the merchandise and watching all the interesting folks walking about, I did manage to snap a few photos along the way.

The street was full of people taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells.

I love the colorful mounds of jewelry!

I was drawn to these fun clock pendants. Some had a decidedly steam-punk vibe. But alas, I could not decide which one to take home, so I settled for a picture instead.

This was my favorite table which drew a big crowd.  The vendor was an old woman who was selling hand made refrigerator magnets. There were literally hundreds of choices, most of them intricate replicas of fruits, vegetables, and other foods. There were also some animals and insects thrown in there for good measure.  For $5, I picked out six different colors of ladybugs and six fruits.    How fun is that?

Until next time,


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