Little Minds: Fun with Paint

Actual age: 16 months, Corrected age: 14 months

It seems that we have adopted a new mantra here at the Twodaloo house…”A dirty baby is a happy baby.”

There’s no such thing as “good, clean fun” ’round here!

As the conclusion to our butterfly session, the twins and I once again ventured out to the back porch to get down n’ dirty,  this time  with some flour-based paint.

There are tons of edible paint recipes floating around on Pinterest, but many of them contain sugar or other ingredients that make the paint taste good.  While I’m all about encouraging the babies to try new foods, I really don’t want them to get the idea that eating paint is a good idea, so I found a recipe that wouldn’t be toxic if/when sampled, but also wouldn’t make them want to take a second bite.   I simply took a cup of flour, added enough boiling water to create the consistency of peanut butter, and then enough cold water to thin it out until I was satisfied.  I did have to run it through a strainer to get all the lumps out, but all in all it was quick and easy!  A few drops of gel food coloring, and voila! Toddler-safe paint.

Within the first few minutes, both babies sampled the paint.

The look on Toots’ face says it all!

With that unpleasant business out of the way, we were free to get on with our masterpieces.

The artist at work.

His methods are a little unorthodox.

Squishy toes.

Toots’ sweet feet.

We had a great time!

You can say that again!

Even Coolidge joined in the fun.

Enough funny business, back to work!

I had originally taped a huge piece of craft paper down to the patio with a big butterfly drawn on it, but it was very windy that day and the paper kept blowing away.  So instead, I scribbled some small butterflies on construction paper and taped them inside our trays.  As you can see, it didn’t matter anyway.  It was much more fun to paint the concrete!  With this age, it’s more about the process than the product.  Coincidentally, the most of the paint washed away with a few swipes from the water hose.

The aftermath.

Now, we’re off to take a nice loooong bath.

Until next time,


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