Little Minds: Easter

Little Minds: Easter Activities

Actual age: 15 months, Corrected age: 13 months

Easter week was pretty crazy for us.  We didn’t have “formal” tot school that week, although we did have Tex and his mama over for some Easter-themed activities one afternoon.  I didn’t snap many pictures that day, but I did take some over the course of the week as the twins played with their Easter trays.  Hands-down, their favorite activity was one I made on a whim…Sensory Eggs!

Pictured above are just a few of the Sensory Eggs that we accumulated over the weeks before and after Easter.  Our collection grew a bit each day as I thought of new ideas for the eggs, so I was able to switch them out so the babies could play with a new set every day.  I tried to make them as interesting as possible by appealing to many different senses. As you can see, some of them are wrapped in different sizes of yarn, some are shiny, some have sequins glued to them, and one is even wrapped in white, grippy shelf paper.  The twins fought over the button-covered egg, which was the favorite by far!

Some of the eggs contained dried pasta, beans, rice, and even jingle bells so they made different sounds when shaken.  The babies loved testing each egg to find the noisy ones, often casting all the others aside (no matter how pretty and shiny they were)!  Each egg was glued shut with hot glue, although some came open by the end of the week after lots of handling.  Since the eggs had the potential to come apart and some were covered with small objects, I did not allow the babies to play with them unsupervised.

 The first time I gave the eggs to the twins, I had placed them under a layer of Easter grass.  I thought they might enjoy hunting for the eggs under the green fuzzy stuff.

 Boy, was I wrong!

Toots literally shuddered every time the grass touched her feet.  Any time she saw a piece she would fling it indignantly aside.

Little Man was similarly unimpressed.

 After the offending Easter grass was removed, the babies had fun playing with the eggs in lots of different ways.  Little Man spent a long time placing the eggs carefully in this muffin tin. Another great fine motor activity.

 We also discovered that eggs like to drive cars.

And even get their hair brushed.

Little Man loved to hoard all the eggs in his lap.  After he gathered all the eggs, he would squeal and kick his feet as fast as he could, scattering them all over the floor. Then he would repeat the whole process again.


 One day we gave the eggs a bath. Or maybe we were making egg drop soup.  You’ll have to ask the babies.  Either way, they had fun pushing the eggs under water and watching them pop back up to the surface.I had fun watching them discover the properties of water through play.

Another day we played with Easter-themed Jell-o Jigglers on the back porch.  It turned out to be the ultimate sensory activity, since they were interesting to see, touch, taste, and even smell.  The babies seemed to fluctuate between fascinated and revolted, until they realized that the gooey critters could actually be eaten.  It was hilarious!  Oh, and educational, too 😉

On Easter morning, the twins awoke to find the Easter Bunny had filled their baskets with some fun books and toys to add to our rotation.  Old E.B. was careful to choose things that Mama approved of, and he did a great job. The twins got books, Baby Signing Time DVDs, sand toys, and some sensory play items (of course).  There were a few eggs filled with raisins and goldfish thrown in for good measure.

The Easter baskets, however, were my idea.  I decided to make use of all my fabric and ribbon scraps by cutting or tearing them into strips and tying them tightly together around the handles of the baskets.  I thought the babies would enjoy exploring the different textures and colors.  The baskets are still a favorite play item here in Twodaloo land, so I guess I was onto something!

Hope you all are having an “eggstraordinary” spring. Happy Learning!

Until next time,


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