Conquering My Fear of the Sewing Machine

Ever since I learned I was pregnant with the twins, I have fantasized about dressing them in adorable, coordinating outfits handmade by me using my fabulous sewing machine.  Although my mother did give me said sewing machine for my birthday back in May,  I have to admit that I only recently pulled it out of the box.  To tell you the truth, I was a bit intimidated by the gleaming white hunk of plastic and was afraid I had bitten off more than I could chew.  However, I quickly discovered that using the machine wasn’t nearly as scary as I had imagined, and was quite surprised at how easy it was for even a novice like me to get started.  I gave you a glimpse of my first ever sewing project a few posts ago, but this little dress I am going to show you today is the first actual garment I have sewn for one of my children, and I couldn’t be any happier with the results.  So, without further ado…behold, the Onesie Dress!

Isn’t it cute?  To make it, I followed this tutorial by Stephanie at barefoot in the kitchen.  It was a great little project for me and I learned several new skills along the way, like how to make a ruffle and sew with elastic.  I couldn’t wait to try it on Baby Girl, so as soon as I was done we got her all “fancied up” and went outside to enjoy the nice weather and snap a few pictures.

The dress was perfect for posing in the sunshine with her favorite baby wipe. Are my children the only ones who attach themselves to random objects? Please tell me no…

Very concerned about getting her shoes dirty.

Since the dress is attached to a onesie, it is both pretty and practical for an active toddler.

Not too shabby for a first project, eh?  I think I’m ready for Project Runway!! Or maybe not…

Until next time,


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3 thoughts on “Conquering My Fear of the Sewing Machine

  1. It’s adorable! She looks like a little baby model. Thank you so much for linking this up to the “Cowgirl Up!” Linky party. I really appreciate your participation.


  2. love it very cute what a great idea i know my cousin would of love this for her little girl she uses cloth diapers this would make it so they fit. onsie dont seem to work just right with onsie.

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